Healthcare company AXA PPP championing sustainable businesses

Leicester Mercury Business Awards
Healthcare company AXA PPP championing sustainable businesses

Businesses everywhere are making more of a conscious effort to become more environmentally friendly, and these companies are to be recognised at the Leicester Mercury Business Awards 2018 through the ‘Sustainability Award.’

Healthcare company, AXA PPP Healthcare, are one business who are continually striving for sustainability in everything they do and have also come on board as sponsors at the awards. Supporting people’s healthcare needs for over 75 years, the company are dedicated to providing people with the very best care and last year helped the employees from more than 37,000 different businesses.

Understanding that regional businesses should always aim to be as sustainable as possible, it seems fitting that at this year’s Leicester Mercury Business Awards, AXA PPP Healthcare will be sponsors of the ‘Sustainability Award’ which rewards a company who positively impact the environment by using sustainable materials throughout their work.

Mike Davies is the Head of SME at AXA PPP Healthcare and discussed why the company chose to sponsor theMike Davies ‘Sustainability Award.’ He said: “We chose this particular award because it resonates well with the importance we place on corporate responsibility. Here at AXA PPP, we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment actively managing our energy, paper and water consumption, as well as carbon emissions and waste.”

He continued: “We want to help celebrate the success of small businesses within this area, hear their stories and learn how they’re making strides to become more sustainable. Events like the Leicester Mercury Business Awards showcase the best of small business and the shortlisted candidates are great examples of people who share our ambition.”

The Leicester Mercury Business Awards brings together businesses of all sizes, and sees companies celebrate the success that members of the regional business community have had in the last 12 months. Finalists will go head to head in 14 different categories, with the winner of each award decided by the category sponsor.

Mike highlighted how AXA PPP Healthcare contributes to the region’s business community. “As a healthcare company with over 20 years of history within the Leicester area, we’re keen to continue our support for local people and industry. We now employ over 175 people, across multiple thriving offices in Leicester and every day we see the contribution these employees make to our business and the community. We look forward to continuing to work within this flourishing region.”

Looking to the future, and AXA PPP Healthcare look set to continue to flourish with plenty of plans in place for 2018. Mike discussed what the company’s key focuses are this year: “Health technology is revolutionising the way people access health services and information. Through health tech we can readily monitor aspects of diet, exercise, fitness, health symptoms and the effectiveness of medication. For our part, we’ll be looking to further support small businesses who want to engage and empower their employees to take steps to better health. We will continue to explore new ways we can meet the healthcare needs of small businesses, extending beyond the traditional role of health insurance.”        

For more information on the Leicester Mercury Business Awards 2018 get in touch with Kirsty West at event organisers Champions (UK) plc. Call 08453 31 30 31 or email

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