Growth Partners applaud businesses with a focus for employee wellbeing

There is over six weeks remaining until the entries close for the Leicester Mercury Business Awards, and five months until the award ceremony itself, but all of the award categories have already got the support of one business sponsor – a reflection of the event’s prominence in the area.  


The Employer of the Year award, which was new to the category line-up at last year’s event and one which recognises a business that puts a great deal of investment into their employees, has this year gained the backing of Growth Partners.


Based in the heart of Leicester city, Growth Partners is a local business with a national reach. As an Employee Engagement company, their goal is to build happier, healthier, and more productive workplaces for their clients.


Their team take on businesses of all shapes and sizes, offering a unique solution to common employer concerns such as underperformance, worryingly high turnover or absenteeism rates to name just a few. Having brought together a network of industry experts, they have built the Growth Pro platform – a Business Support tool designed to make employers’ lives easier, as well as raise the capability of employees within each of their roles.


Paul Bresnihan is the company’s CEO and launched Growth Partners in 2017. He explained the ways in which the Employer of the Year category resonated with him and drove the sponsorship:


“It’s no secret that businesses scoring high in employee satisfaction benefit greatly from improved commitment from staff, productivity and innovation.


“The Employer of the Year Award is important to us because it promotes quality leadership and is a celebration of employers that push to build better working environments for their teams.


“The award is a fantastic opportunity to recognise the great work local employers are doing to build rewarding workplaces for their employees, inevitably benefiting the wider business community.”

While Growth Partners as a business is still young, Paul has more than 16 years’ experience providing employee engagement services. And, so, he understands the importance of supporting the region’s business community and keeping it as close-knit as possible.

He explained how, through the day-to-day work Growth Partners carries out, his business continues to make a positive impact:

“We care a great deal about the standard of our local employers. We want to ensure that the region’s workplaces remain competitive on a national, global scale, for all the right reasons.


“Our employee engagement platform, Growth Pro, is designed to help employers provide a high level of care for their employees such as access to decent health support, emotional counselling, and employee rewards. 2018 has been an exceptional year, and in particular for SMEs, our goal is to be the go-to for those businesses that may not otherwise have affordable access to leading HR resources and Employee Benefits.


“Through the platform, we have assembled a team of market-leading experts for employers to enhance the growth potential of their businesses. It is a one-stop shop that offers a wide range of HR & Business Development services to support our clients and their employees.


“The fantastic feedback we’ve received has been a great encouragement, and has spurred us on to make even more ambitious moves within the community. Even beyond business, it’s been great to share our network as a community resource. The Absence & Stress seminar we co-hosted in the Curve was the first in a series of Wellbeing events, and following its success, we are excited to host more.”



Think your business is a cut above the rest when it comes to employee retention, benefits and wellbeing? Or, interested in one of the other 14 awards up for grabs, visit: to enter today. Entries close on 11 January 2019.


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